Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's Coming!! Our New On-Line Store is Almost Here!!

I mentioned a couple of months back that we were in the midst of some exciting plans here at Past Blessings Farm . . . and the time is almost here . . . We are in so excited to announce that we will be introducing an on-line store in the very near future!

We have loved our customers at our shows and barn sales we have every couple of months, but we also have a lot of followers, on our Facebook page (click here to follow us on Facebook) especially, who have wanted to buy from us from throughout the country.  So, we will not only offer our original design signs that we have become known for, but also great home decor, jewelry and accessories.  And we will throw in a vintage piece or two every now and then . . . so it will be a store you will want to check out again and again as it will be ever changing.  We are excited about the vendors we are lining up to bring you the best farm fresh decor around and the western bling to accessorize that we know you love!

Here is a sneak peek at a few products we will be offering.  Our signs are all designed by me (as I have mentioned before, I am a typography geek . . . can't explain it, but designing with type just gets me excited).  They are printed on a heavy card stock, mounted on 1/2" thick MDF board, distressed, antiqued and sealed.  

I love this list of "things to do" . . . especially with "Pray Daily" being at the top . . . so our day gets off to the right start. It measures 10 1/2" wide by 16" tall.

I loved hearing Paul Harvey recite the "So God Made a Farmer" tribute to farmers on the radio.  We live in the middle of the wheat fields and are surrounded by farms.  Wheat is big where we are, along with canola, alfalfa and fruit orchards.  Our farm was originally a carrot farm!  So I knew I needed to make a sign as a tribute to farmers everywhere. It is 10 1/2" wide by 16" tall.

This sign just makes me smile . . . I think every bathroom needs one of these!  It 10 1/2" wide by 16" tall.

I first saw this "Be Cheerful" saying on an antique postcard.  Such a simple sentiment, yet it can change the entire way your day goes.  It is available in red, black, robin's egg blue and aged burlap.

We will have at least 30 designs on-line and I am sure, since this type geek just can't stop creating them, more to come. In the meantime, until we get our on-line store up and running, if you would like to order a sign, you can email me at  These signs are all $29 each plus $13 shipping.

I am also excited to be privileged to be a dealer of Montana West.  This company makes the most amazing quality leather purses, wallets, belts, bracelets, sunglasses and more . . . all with that Western bling I adore . . . and I know most of you do too!  The purses we sell have an added feature that has been popular with the rough and tumble cowgirls . . . there is a spot for a concealed weapon.  And if you don't happen to be a gun-totin' girl, just use this extra storage for organizing your purse . . . a purse can never have too many pockets!  These purses come in a wonderful array of colors . . . deep red, warm brown, turquoise, black and pewter, to name a few.  And matching wallets are available for all of them too!  These purses sell for $49, plus $12 shipping (that is almost half off of the retail price) and are an amazing value . . . I have been carrying mine daily for several months and it still looks like new.  Mine is the pewter one like you see below.  I love this color . . . goes with everything!

Lots of fun jewelry will also be available . . . along with farm style decor . . . I will have photos of some of this soon.  

We will keep you posted . . . we are in the midst of getting the site up and ready . . . we want it to be user friendly and somewhere you will want to keep shopping at.  Just need to add a few more finishing touches.  Can't wait to show you!!

Our life is full of wonderful changes these days . . . as our kids are growing up and needing us less, we know it is a new season.  The Mama in me is a bit sad to see that I am not needed like I used to be, but I am excited to see what God has in store for these amazing young men we are so fortunate to call our sons.  I am also excited to see how God will help us grow and evolve our business in the years to come.  We are still excited to continue with our sales and our shows here on the farm, but also thrilled to be able to take our business a step further.

For those of you in the area, we are also excited to be vendors in a new venture my sweet friend Coquille is starting.  It will be an amazing shop in the little farming town of Reardan, just West of Spokane.  It is going to be called the The Reardan Plowboy and it will be spectacular.  We are honored to have been asked to put some of our treasures in this wonderful new shop.  For more information on this shop, please go to 
And, the news just keeps coming . . . we are having our "Junk Love" Sale here at the Past Blessings Farm February 14th and 15th.  As you know, if you have been following us, I had a nasty accident with my table saw the day before my sale was scheduled in October.  So instead of having the sale, I was having surgery on my hand.  I was very fortunate . . . God truly watched over me . . . and was able to keep all my fingers.  But over 30 stitches later and a rod in my shattered finger, I was not able to create for quite a while . . . so we are excited to finally be "back in the saddle" again.  Our barn is extra full, so it might be tight quarters . . . but that just adds to the fun . . . more goodies to hunt for!  The sale is from 9 to 4 both Friday and Saturday here at the farm.  8521 N. Orchard Prairie in Spokane, WA.  Hope to see you there!

Don't miss our Junk Love Sale here at Past Blessings Farm Fri, Feb 14th and Sat, Feb 15th from 9 to 4
And finally . . . yes, still more excitement . . . we are planning and getting ready for our third annual "Pickin' On The Prairie" here on Past Blessings Farm.  It is always the third weekend of August and will fall on August 16th and 17th this year.  Our farm will be packed with amazing vendors, great bluegrass music and great food . . . you will not want to miss it!  To see photos of previous years, click here.

God is good . . . this has been a year of trials, but it is also a year of great changes.  I am learning (still on the journey) to trust Him more and realize that even when I can't see the future, He can . . . and He has great plans in store for all of us . . . we need only trust the planning to Him!