Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Pickin' on the Prairie" Antique Show 2014 . . . here at Past Blessings Farm!

We are so excited as we plan for our 3rd Annual "Pickin' on the Prairie" . . . each August our little farm becomes a wonderland of amazing antiques, artisan handcrafts, beautiful jewelry, artwork, repurposed furniture and amazing farm "junk".  Our farm will be packed with vendors, great music, great food and a weekend full of fun is guaranteed!

I just finished designing this year's posters and am planning the various little details of the show that I hope set our show apart from many shows.  One thing that most shows can't beat is location . . . not to toot our own horn, but Past Blessings Farm is set in one of the prettiest locations on earth . . . gorgeous rolling wheat fields, spattered with fruit trees here and there and rimmed with forests in the background.  To the Southwest you can see to downtown and beyond, to the west is the lovely grounds of the historial Mt. St. Michael's . . . I shared about it here.  To the Northeast is beautiful Mt. Spokane.  Surrounded with classic farmhouses and old barns, we couldn't love our location more!

So here it is . . . this year's poster!!

I love being able to use my rusty ol' graphic design skills every now and then and designing this poster was fun.  Of course, I still had to tie in our beloved pig theme, but I wanted it to look completely different than last year.

For pictures of past shows, click here . . . You will see why you don't want to miss it! In the months to come between now and August, we will highlight some of our wonderful vendors.  In the meantime, mark your calendars for August 16th and 17th, plan your road trip and get ready for some might good "Pickin' on the Prairie."


  1. Well glad to see your hand is healing and I really like the new sign. I know you must be coming up with all kinds of great ideas for the show this year.

    1. Thanks Donna . . . yes, it is healing well . . . still not very pretty, but I am able to be creative again so I am happy! ♥

  2. I just found your link on CITR. I like your country style. I love buying old furniture and completely redoing it too! GOod luck with your show!